EPA Rodenticide Review: How Does This Affect You?

EPA Rodenticide Review: How Does This Affect You?

EcoClear Products specializes in rodent control for professionals and consumers that is effective and non-poisonous to people, pets, livestock, and non-target wildlife with no application licensing required. We note the complexity of regulating rodenticides and the various industries it will affect. This blog addresses concerns about anticoagulant and acute toxicant regulations and provides our professional insight and solutions.

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We believe and demonstrate through our brands and extensive research backed by leading chemists that there is a safer, eco-friendly, and more effective way to remove rodents. Our method does not involve first or second generation anticoagulants, or acute toxicants, which despite preventative measures, do not work as intended without posing unreasonable adverse effects on the environment, namely non-targets. 

Uses of Rodenticides 

Generally speaking, and in our experience, most large-scale sectors are reliant on using FGARs and SGARs through pest management services. Smaller-scale sectors, such as independently-owned livestock users and at-home users, prefer do-it-yourself methods. Notably, most groups use multiple rodenticides and, with minor exceptions, do not limit to one method. 

All can agree on the importance of balancing the need for rodent control and the protection of non-target wildlife. When developing a plan for the future, EcoClear Products believes that rodent control solutions are needed. However, a reliance on FGARs and SGARs is counterintuitive, especially when effective, poison-free control is readily available for professionals and consumers.

Bald Eagle

Wildlife Exposure

In response to evidence of wildlife weakened or killed by FGARs and SGARs, EcoClear Products urges people to choose progressive solutions rather than relying on methods that are proven to be dangerous and, in many cases, fatal to non-target wildlife. It is critical to note that endangered species, such as Pacific Fishers and Bald Eagles, are threatened by rodenticides. A single animal on the endangered species list dying from exposure becomes a population-level impact, and swift action is needed to ensure their safety.  

Domestic Pet Exposure 

Pet exposure to toxic rodenticides has become increasingly significant across the United States. According to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC), year after year, rodenticides make their comprehensive Top 10 Pet Toxins list nationwide. Some rodenticides that pets are exposed to include bromethalin, cholecalciferol, and zinc phosphide.

Do You Have These Concerns?

Farmers and Applicators 

EcoClear Products has noted a concern that removing or restricting anticoagulant rodenticides will result in a lack of available products for farmers and applicators. Indeed these issues are essential to recognize; however, they dismiss readily available non-poisonous products for rodent control that are not affected by regulations or restrictions. Ensuring that farmers and applicators are informed about their rodent control options is essential to integrating poison-free alternatives into existing pest management programs.

Rats in Kitchen

Public Health

There is a public health-driven need for rodent control; rodents spread a vast amount of disease worldwide and cause billions of dollars in damages across all sectors yearly. EcoClear Products specializes in efficacious poison-free solutions for professionals and consumers. Regardless of the final decision, we believe it is imperative to put the power back in the hands of each sector and educate them on solutions that are not affected by cancellations, requirements, or reclassifications. In a world where socio-political spheres are impacting agricultural sectors, it is critical to have readily available, proven-effective options; so the impact and losses due to potential regulations are minimized. 

Small-Scale, Independent Operators, and At-Home Use

EcoClear Products would like to add a solution for smaller independent operations. Whereas large, integrated agencies can readily use professional services, smaller operations would not experience as easy a transition if restricted-use products begin to require the use of professionals. Smaller or independent operations would be disproportionately affected, having to pay the high price of specialized services which are not always available. The key to avoiding high-cost increases is integrating rodent control which does not require a license or certification to distribute and is available over the counter for small and independently owned operations.

After a review of industry comments, EcoClear Products has noted apprehension within these sectors towards cost impacts. There is also concern surrounding the requirement of certified applicators, considering many producers rely on a do-it-yourself method with commercially available products. Now is the time to move toward poison-free solutions that fall under the minimum-risk category and allow sectors to continue their existing control methods without certified applicators. Equine facilities, in particular, may also be marginalized by regulations if they do not move to an alternative solution. Many horse owners are categorized as livestock operators, even though they function on a small scale and, in most cases, are for recreational use. 


EcoClear Products stands with the notion that it is unrealistic to expect these sectors to source certified applicators, which are costly and depend on area availability. We also support the need to regulate toxic rodenticides because of their proven harmfulness. Because of this position, we developed readily available, trusted solutions that can be purchased over the counter, commercially, or through pest control services. We emphasize that the future of rodenticides is moving towards an effective, if not more effective, non-poisonous solution. We suggest that to avoid being disproportionately affected by regulations, we as an industry stop relying on FGARs, SGARs, and acute toxicants.

Outdoor nurseries, gardens, and ornamental production see an occasional need to control rodents such as moles, voles, field mice, etc. As stated previously, there are readily available, effective, poison-free products that consumers can rely on for their rodent control needs that are safe when used around people, pets, livestock, and wildlife.

To Conclude

EcoClear Products has spent time and resources researching, developing, and perfecting non-poisonous rodent management solutions available for home and business owners across the United States. As a company with the health and safety of people, pets, and wildlife at the forefront, we saw a need to change the lack of research and availability of poison-free management programs that address ecological, professional, and consumer concerns. The time to move towards solutions that are not affected by regulations nor reliant on anticoagulants and acute toxicants is now.