MouseX® Ready Tray
MouseX® Ready Tray
MouseX® Ready Tray
MouseX® Ready Trays are easy to use! Just peel off the bait tray cover & set the tray out where you see mouse activity.
MouseX® Ready Trays are safe for use around people, pets, livestock & wildlife. Kills all species of mice. Easy-to-use peel & place trays. Reduces death odor up to 95%
MouseX® Ready Trays are safe around people and pets.
MouseX® Ready Trays are no risk to birds of prey.
MouseX® Ready Trays are environmentally friendly.

MouseX® Ready Trays

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MouseX® Ready Trays are a new way to effectively exterminate mice anywhere they live. These premeasured bait trays offer the same efficiency you’ve come to trust from MouseX, but in an easy-to-use package that’s simple as can be.

MouseX Ready Trays contain a controlled amount of MouseX Pellets in a simple tray with a peel-away lid, making it easy to open and place wherever you see evidence of mice and rats.

Effective for both indoor and outdoor mouse and rat control, MouseX Ready Trays won’t harm pets, people, or wildlife. And because the active ingredient does not affect animals other than mice and rats, there’s no risk of secondary poisoning or death if predator animals accidentally take away the rodenticide or consume a pest that has eaten from the tray.

MouseX is formulated with naturally derived ingredients that smell and taste great to mice and rats. When the trays are used as directed, they stop wanting to drink water, which results in dehydration and eventual death—and without a noticeable odor from the remains.

For an effective, simple way to kill mice and rats, nothing is more convenient than MouseX Ready Trays.

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Active Ingredients: Corn Gluten Meal, Sodium Chloride

Inert Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Sorbitol, Wheat Flower, Wheat Germ Oil