RatX® Small Bait Station
RatX® Small Bait Box. Step 1: Use tab on the lid to open the lid for bait placement
RatX® Small Bait Box. Step 2: Place RatX® Bait Discs on the metal rod in the center of the RatX® Bait Station
RatX® Small Bait Box. Step 3: Firmly close the lid with your hand and place near rodent activity
Use RatX® Small Bait Box with RatX® Bait Discs
RatX® Small Bait Box protects bait from weather
RatX® Small Bait Box, safe around people/pets
RatX® Small Bait Box, use indoors/outdoors

RatX® Bait Station

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RatX® Bait Stations, designed for use with RatX® Bait Discs, make exterminating rats even easier. By providing a comfortable space for rats to crawl into, RatX® Bait Stations provide an inexpensive yet effective way to ensure that pests take the bait.

Easy to access and refill, RatX® Bait Stations are safe for use around people, pets, and predators, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor rat control.

Use the handy tab on the lid to open for bait placement. A metal rod in the bait station makes it easy to place RatX Bait Discs—and a tightly closing lid keeps the bait safe when placed near rat activity. Finally, a waterproof top keeps out rain and moisture.

Available in small and large sizes.