What Happens If Your Dog Ate Mouse Poison?

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Are you dealing with a mouse problem on your property? If you’ve opted to use traditional poisons to take care of these small rodent pests, you may be adding insult to injury.

That’s because traditional rodenticides utilize dangerous chemicals to exterminate rodents. Not only are these chemicals considered by many to be inhumane, they also pose life-threatening health risks to other living things on your property—especially pets. In this guide, our pest control professionals here at EcoClear Products discuss the dangers of traditional rodenticides to pets such as cats and dogs. We also provide detailed information on our line of eco-friendly, 100% pet-safe MouseX® rodenticide products. Read on to learn more, and keep your pets safe during mouse extermination with our humane and highly-effective solutions here at EcoClear Products today!

Anticoagulants and Other Common Chemicals in Mouse Poisons

Many mouse poisons (rodenticides) on the market today use harmful chemicals to kill rodent pests. Among the most common of these chemicals are anticoagulants, substances specially-designed to interrupt the body’s normal blood clotting process (called coagulation), leading to uncontrolled internal bleeding and eventual death. Anticoagulants are considered by many to be an inhumane means of rodent extermination, since they facilitate a slow and rather painful death. What’s worse, anticoagulants can cause severe harm or death if ingested by other animals. If a cat, dog, or other animal ingests mouse poison containing anticoagulants, it will needs veterinarian care in a matter of minutes to avoid serious health issues.

In addition to anticoagulants, there are several other chemicals used in many of today’s rodenticides that can also be toxic to pets, people, and wildlife. These include bromethalin, cholecalciferol, and zinc phosphide.

Secondary Kills: A Widespread Concern for Dogs, Cats, and Wildlife

What makes rodenticides containing anticoagulants and other harmful chemicals even more dangerous is that they can kill pets and other wildlife through secondary consumption. This means that if a dog, cat, or wild animal consumes a rodent that was killed using anticoagulants or one of the other harmful chemicals listed above, this animal is now at risk of dying from the very same chemical. This is known as a secondary kill. Preventing secondary kills can be quite difficult, as rodents that have consumed rodenticides are often difficult to track down and remove from a building or backyard after dying. In many cases, your dog, cat, or an unwitting wild animal on your property may find them first. In these situations, knowing exactly what to do will likely make the difference between life and death for a wild animal or your pet.

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What to Do If Your Pet Eats a Common Mouse Poison

If you suspect that one of your pets or a wild animal on your property has ingested a harmful rodenticide, you’ll need to take the animal in for emergency vet care as soon as possible. Signs of harmful mouse poison ingestion include fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, and marked behavioral changes. If you’re using mouse poison containing harmful chemicals on your property, you’ll want to be sure to have emergency vet in your contacts and observe your pets vigilantly during pest treatment. You’ll also want to block off treated zones as securely as possible. Learn how in the next section.

Preventing Pet Rodenticide Consumption on Your Property

Those using rodenticides with harmful chemicals such as anticoagulants on their properties will need to practice strict protection protocol to keep their pets safe from poisoning. If you’ve chosen to use these rodenticides in your own home, try to place them in areas where rodent activity is observed but pet activity is relatively limited. The insides of cabinets or holes in walls are good choices, provided you’ve blocked them off to wandering pets. If possible, the best move is to keep pets such as cats and dogs in crates for the duration of rodenticide treatment. For longer treatment times, try to block of entire rooms by using pet gates or locking doors. For caged pets, we recommend covering up the tops of cages with a towel or blanket to prevent rodenticide particulates from entering the contained airspace.

While these measures may help in preventing your pets from ingesting dangerous rodenticides, the unfortunate truth is that there is no 100% foolproof way to keep pets safe while using these dangerous substances. For guaranteed pet safety, you’ll need to use rodent control methods that are free of harmful substances. Here at EcoClear Products, we have your answer.

EcoClear Products: The Pet-Safe Alternative

Image result for safe for petsCommitted to eco-friendliness, humane extermination, and the safety of pets, people, and wildlife alike, our engineers here at EcoClear Products have developed a full line of eco-friendly, humane rodenticides ideal for use in homes and businesses. Among these excellent products are our MouseX® pellets and discs for mice, and our RatX® and RatRid™ pellets and discs for rats.Unlike rodenticides that contain anticoagulants or other harmful chemicals, our products facilitate a fast and humane rodent-extermination process. When ingested, active ingredients coat the lining of the rodent’s stomach, blocking all messages to the brain. This prompts the rodent to stop eating or drinking, leading to dehydration, circulatory failure and eventual death. For the rodent, the process feels like nothing more than falling asleep. As an added benefit, our products contain active ingredients that dry out rodent bodies, reducing decay and odor by as much as 90%.Perhaps the biggest benefit of our rodent extermination products is their overall safety for people, pets, and the environment. Not only are MouseX®, RatX®, and RatRid™ products completely biodegradable.  Our revolutionary rodenticides are even save for birds of prey and other predatory species with no risk of secondary kill. If you are searching for a way to eliminate rodent pests on your property while keeping your pets and other animals safe, MouseX®, RatX®, and RatRid™ products are perfect for your needs.


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