Rat and Mouse Control with RatRid®

Are rats ravaging your property? Wherever your rat and mouse infestation is, we’re here to help. Our rat control experts at EcoClear Products answer some of the most frequently asked questions about rat control and prevention. Learn more about RatRid® rodenticides from our team!


RatRid - Rat & Mouse Control

RatRid - Rat & Mouse Control

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How to Use RatRid® to Get Rid of Rats and Mice Inside Your Home

RatRid® rodenticides can be used to effectively lure and exterminate rats and mice within your home, barn, and other storage areas. Follow these steps for best results:

  1. Read all instructions on packaging before beginning treatment.
  2. Remove all potential food sources around target area before placing product.
  3. Portion the proper amount of RatRid®. Use 40-60 grams or 1-1/2 to 2 ounces for rats.
  4. Place RatRid® in areas where you have observed rodent activity.
  5. To ensure maximum effectiveness, keep RatRid® pellets dry and continue to bait until rat activity ceases. Rats are incredibly resilient, and prolific procreators — don’t underestimate the amount of them on your property. Continue to refill target locations until pellets are no longer eaten. An indicator of rat consumption will be fecal droppings bleached in color and up to 3 times larger than normal rat droppings.

How to Know If You Have a Rat or Mouse Infestation

Common indications of rat or mice infestations include gnaw or scratch marks on food items and furniture, gnawing and scratching sounds in walls and ceilings, droppings, and visual sightings.

What Is Rat and Mouse Control?

Rat control is the systematic removal and prevention of invasive rat and mouse pests. Rat removal can be executed using traps or chemical bait exterminators. (Read more about rat killer products below.) Prevention can be achieved through proper property care and routine inspection.

Is there a Rat Killer That Kills Without Leaving a Smell?

Common rodenticides may be effective at killing rats — but they don’t do much about the odor that inevitably surfaces after rats crawl away and die within your walls, floors, or outdoors. The active ingredients in RatRid® products cause a mummification process within rat and mouse bodies, causing the bodies to dry out and reducing odor by as much as 90% when compared with other rodenticides. No need to plug your nose when using RatRid® Products.

What are the Implications of Rat or Mouse Infestations

Rat and mouse infestations pose serious health risks to humans and pets. If left untreated, rat and mouse infestations can also cause serious structural damage to properties of all sizes.

How Do Rat Killers Work?

Many of today’s rat poisons use anticoagulants to kill rats. Anticoagulants take away the blood’s ability to clot, leading to internal bleeding and eventual death. Though effective, rodenticides that use anticoagulants are considered relatively inhumane.

RatRid® rodenticide take a different approach. Formulated using ingredients, they attract rats and mice through scent and taste. Once ingested, active ingredients coat the stomach lining of the rat or mouse, blocking all messages sent from the stomach to the brain. This causes the rat to stop eating and drinking, leading dehydration and eventual circulatory failure. For the rat, this process feels like nothing more than falling asleep.

What is the Cost of Rat Removal?

Hiring a professional exterminator to take care of your rat infestation can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars. Using traditional rodenticides may leave you saddled with more problems than you had before you began treatment. With RatRid® products, rat control is achievable for less than the cost of groceries. Use our Store Locator to find an EcoClear Products retailer near you.

RatRid - Rat & Mouse Control