RatRid® for the Control of Rats & Mice

Introducing RatRid®, scientifically formulated pellets, formulated for the control of rats and mice.

RatRid® is an easy to use approach to controlling rats and mice.

  • Rodenticide

  • For Indoor Use

  • Patented Formula


PCP #32658

“This product worked great to get rid of moles in my garden and I love the fact that it is safe for the environment.”
Shanthi Patel
“MouseX® is fantastic. I used it for voles in my flower beds. I have not seen any new holes or mounds since I used it. Very easy to use with no mixing or spraying.”
Kimberly R
“I am very impressed with this product. It is easy to use and got rid of the Moles in my yard. I tried several other products with no luck.”
Eddie Babson

Benefits of RatRid®

  • For the control of rats and mice

  • No secondary kill

  • For indoor use

  • Can be used as a bait box refill to keep bait dry

  • Kills rats and mice in days

  • No special requirements for transport, handling, storage, or disposal

  • Fully biodegradable

Using RatRid®

For effective control of rats and mice that is easy to use.

To get the most out of RatRid®, it’s important to use it correctly on your property. To help you out, our manufacturing team here at EcoClear Products has put together a list of Do’s and Don’ts in order to ensure that your extermination experience with RatRid® works exactly the way it should. Read on for our list, and contact our team directly for answers to your RatRid® questions.

When used properly, after eating RatRid® the rat or mouse dehydrates and dies within days. The rodent carcass mummifies, reducing odor up to 90%. This means no knocking holes in walls or crawling in attics to remove smelly dead rodents.

RatRid® Do’s

  • Do thoroughly read and understand the instructions for use.

  • Do thoroughly survey area to find rodent locations and main areas of activity.

  • Do clear away sources of alternative food or make it difficult for rodents to access them.

  • Do make notes on the above to use for reference.

  • Do use the product as a food source.

  • Do provide enough product in trays or boxes, approx 40 – 60 grams or 1.5 – 2 ounces, 6 feet apart in areas where rodents are present.

  • Do keep the product dry at all times.

  • Do place the product into voids through which rats are running.

  • Do re-visit, re-survey and re-fill and make notes regularly.

RatRid® Don’ts

  • Do not underestimate the amount of rodents present.

  • Do not expect the rodents to come in search of the product you apply.

  • Do not use the product as scatter bait.

  • Do not use the product alongside any other foods to try and attract rodents.

  • Do not pour the product into holes.

  • Do not expect the product to be eaten immediately; it may take a while for the rats and mice to get used to the new, unfamiliar boxes or trays you have placed.

  • Do not mix the product with any other rat and mouse eradication products.

  • Do not place any food out for wild animals or birds.

  • Do not store the product next to other items with strong smelling odors or in damp areas.