VoleX™ The Eco-Friendly
Vole Control Method

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Introducing VoleX™, a scientifically formulated pellet to safely eliminate voles. VoleX™ is an eco-friendly effective solution against all species of moles, and safe for use around livestock and pets.

VoleX™ is an easy to use, naturally derived, eco-friendly approach to controlling voles. It is fully biodegradable and generates no environmental pollution.

VoleX™ is a new approach to effectively kill unwanted voles from lawns and gardens, golf courses, under greenhouses, near livestock and poultry housing, and in abandoned and active vole tunnels.

Available in 8 oz.

Ready to Use

Proprietary Attractant Bait Complex


Safe For Use Around Livestock & Poultry Housing

“This product worked great to get rid of moles in my garden and I love the fact that it is safe for the environment.”
Shanthi Patel
“MouseX® is fantastic. I used it for voles in my flower beds. I have not seen any new holes or mounds since I used it. Very easy to use with no mixing or spraying.”
Kimberly R
“I am very impressed with this product. It is easy to use and got rid of the Moles in my yard. I tried several other products with no luck.”
Eddie Babson

Benefits of VoleX™

Easy, ready-to-use, with no mixing or spraying required

Naturally derived

Kills voles right where they live

Direct baiting

No environmental pollution

Fully biodegradable

Does not produce offensive odors

No special requirements for transport,
handling, storage, or disposal

Using VoleX™

For effective control of voles that is easy to use and eco-friendly.

To get the most out of VoleX™, it’s important to use it correctly on your property. To help you out,
our manufacturing team here at EcoClear Products has put together a list of Do’s and Don’ts in
order to ensure that your extermination experience with VoleX™ works exactly the way it should.
Read on for our list, and contact our team directly for answers to your VoleX™ questions.


  • Do thoroughly read and understand the instructions for use.

  • Do thoroughly survey area to find vole tunnels and main areas of activity by finding surface holes, dirt mounds, or subsurface tunnels that have been made by the voles.

  • Do clear away sources of alternative food or make it difficult for rodents to access them.

  • Do make notes on the above to use for reference.

  • Do use the product as a food source.

  • Do provide enough product in vole tunnels, approx 1/3 to 1/2 oz (2/3 – 1 tbsp) of VoleX™ for every 8 to 10 feet of active tunnels.

  • Do repeat after 30 days if vole activity is still present.

  • Do use for outdoor underground use only.

  • Do store only in original container in a cool, dry place inaccessible to children and pets.

  • Do re-visit, re-survey and re-fill and make notes regularly.


  • Do not underestimate the amount of voles present.

  • Do not expect the voles to come in search of the product you apply.

  • Do not use the product as scatter bait.

  • Do not use the product alongside any other foods to try and attract voles.

  • Do not use the product above ground.

  • Do not expect the product to be eaten immediately; it may take a while for the voles to get used to the pellets you have placed.

  • Do not mix the product with any other rat and mouse eradication products.

  • Do not place any food out for wild animals or birds.

  • Do not store the product next to other items with strong smelling odors or in damp areas.