So, you’ve successfully used rodenticides to exterminate rodents in your home. There’s just one problem: the rodents themselves are nowhere to be found. The reason for this simple, and frustratingly quite common. Upon ingesting rodenticides, rodents will go about their business until active chemicals eventually kill them. Unfortunately for property owners, this usually happens at the worst times and in the worst places. Often, rodents can’t found after ingesting rodenticide because they’ve died deep within walls or under floors. In most cases, this leads to unwanted smells and insect invasions, which in turn necessitate excavation missions to remove rodent bodies — a task that most property owners would rather avoid. With EcoClear rodenticide products including MouseX®, RatX®, and RatRid™, this problem is now a thing of the past.

In this post, our pest control experts here at EcoClear Products will discuss just how using EcoClear rodenticides will help you skip rodent decay and order in the extermination process. For those who have elected to use other rodenticides, we’ll also spend a bit of time talking about how to can go about removing rotting rodents from walls and other hard-to-reach areas to prevent unwanted “dead rodent smell.” Read on to learn more, and shop eco-friendly, highly-effective rodenticides with us today!

Rotting Rodent Excavation: The Traditional Method for Stopping “Dead Rodent Smell”

Rotting Rodent Excavation: The Traditional Method for Stopping "Dead Rodent Smell"

Eliminate Dead Rodent Smell

If you’re using traditional rodenticides to exterminate rodents on your property, we’ve got a bit of bad news for you. While your rodenticide may work in killing invasive rodents, there’s no telling where those rodents will go to die. More likely than not, rodents will scurry away and die in their favorite hiding places: deep within your walls or under your floors. Eventually, these deceased rodents will begin to rot. You’ll know when that happens, because you’ll be able to smell it. What’s worse, rotting rodents can also attract insects, compounding your pest problem in a matter of days.

In this situation, the only way to stop “dead rodent small” and potential insect problems is to remove rodent bodies from your property once and for all. Unfortunately, this is usually easier said than done. Since dying rodents habitually take their final rest in walls and floors, you’ll likely need to remove these basic fixtures to find the carcasses at all. This usually means hiring a contractor to do the job right and repair any damage that’s been done in the process. All in all, you’ll likely end up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to take care of a few small four-legged corpses lurking within your walls. Doesn’t sound like fun, does it? Thankfully, there is an alternative.

EcoClear Rodenticides: The Easy Way to Get Rid of “Dead Rodent Smell”

With state-of-the-art rodenticides such as MouseX®, RatX®, and RatRid™ from our pest control engineers here at Eco Clear Products, “dead rodent smell” and rodent decay in general are problems of the best. That’s because our rodenticides facilitate a mummification process inside the rodent upon ingestion. Once rodents eat our rodenticides, they become quite lethargic and dehydrated, dying peacefully in their sleep within a few days. Active ingredients then begin the mummification process of the rodents’ bodies. This process dries out rodent bodies, reducing odor by as much as 90%. It also significantly reduces the risk of insect attraction.

Our rodenticides eliminate virtually all smells associated with dead rodents and drastically mitigate the decaying process by simply drying rodents’ bodies out. This means no unwanted odors, no more insect invaders, and no more costly excavations to remove rodents from your walls and floors.

Other Benefits of Rodenticides From EcoClear Products

The elimination of rodent decay and “dead rodent smell” aren’t the only benefits of our rodenticides here at EcoClear Products. Other advantages include industry-leading effectiveness, humane extermination, and overall environmental safety. Unlike other chemical and machine-powered bait traps that rodents often avoid, our rodenticides are made 100% naturally-derived ingredients that attract rodents. This greatly increases chances of extermination overall.

As mentioned above, our rodenticides here at EcoClear Products facilitate a fast and incredibly humane extermination process. Once ingested, active ingredients in the rodenticides coat the rodent’s stomach lining. This blocks of all communication from the stomach to the brain, causing the rodent to stop eating and drinking. This leads to dehydration, circulatory failure, and eventual death within 3-5 days. For the rodent, this process feels like nothing more than falling asleep.

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