RatX™ Bait Discs


RatX Ready Trays™ are premeasured bait trays that make baiting easy, just peel off the bait tray cover and set the RatX Ready Trays™ out where you see Rat or Mouse activity.

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RatX Ready Bait Discs™ are a new approach to effectively kill unwanted rat and mouse pests from industrial buildings, livestock premises, homes, barnyards and any area where the unwanted pests inhabit. Using Non-Toxic ingredients, RatX Bait Discs™ are SAFE even if accidentally ingested by pets or wildlife. RatX Bait Discs™ are even SAFE to Birds of Prey with NO RISK of Secondary Kill. RatX Bait Discs™ are readymade, consumable discs that can placed anywhere where mice or rats frequent for fast, easy, and humane extermination. Already pre-portioned and manufactured to hold up as-is in both outdoor and indoor settings, RatX Bait Discs™ make rodent pest control simpler than ever.

1 lb bag, 4 lbs bucket, 8 lbs bucket, 20 lbs bucket.

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1 lbs Bag, 4 lbs Bucket, 8 lbs Bucket, 20 lbs Bucket

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