SmokeOut™ Cannabis Fogger

SmokeOut™ Cannabis Fogger

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SmokeOut™ Cannabis Fogger instantly and safely removes smoke-related odors on contact, instead of simply masking odor-causing molecules like an air freshener.

Formulated to eliminate the stubborn unpleasant odors left behind by cigarettes, cigars, and pipes, SmokeOut™ destroys smoke smells at their source—both in the air and on fabrics and other porous surfaces.

When used as directed on furniture, rugs, linens, pillows, mattresses and bedding, air filters and vents, and more, SmokeOut™ chemically alters, neutralizes, and destroys offensive smoke and tobacco odors. If the source of the odor is not reintroduced into the room, the room will remain deodorized.

Suitable for hospitality, casino & gaming, automobiles, manufacturing, residential & commercial buildings, vacation rentals, and carpet cleaners and steam cleaners. Can be used preventatively to protect against odor build-up in heavy-usage areas. Safe for use in cars and small spaces. Also destroys phosphorous (fire damage) and nitrogen (urine) odors.

Available in 1 Quart and 1 Gallon.