MouseX® Throw Packs
MouseX® Throw Packs

MouseX® Throw Packs

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For hard-to-reach areas like mouse burrows, trust easy-to-use MouseX® Throw Packs.

Formulated using naturally derived ingredients*, MouseX® Throw Packs contain a measured dose of MouseX® pellets, effective for indoor and outdoor mouse control. The bag is made of biodegradable and compostable cellophane—easy for mice to chew through.

MouseX® Throw Packs kill rats with negligible odor by blocking thirst signals so pests dehydrate and die. And with MouseX® Throw Packs, you don’t even have to see your targets… just toss a Throw Pack where there’s evidence of rats and let MouseX® do the rest.

Additional information:
- Formulated for Indoor & Outdoor Use
- Naturally Derived* Rat & Mouse Control
- Safe for Use Around Livestock & Pets When Used as Directed
- Perfect for both professional & DIY use
- EPA minimum risk pesticide
- Patented mechanical kill system requires no conventional poisons
- Protected by 3 U.S. and 2 Global patents, other patents pending

*Corn gluten, Sodium chloride

Active Ingredients: Corn Gluten Meal, Sodium Chloride

Inert Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Sorbitol, Wheat Flower, Wheat Germ Oil